Commercial Recording (ie.voiceovers, music editing)
In this age of home-based business and internet communication, multi-media has become the norm rather than the exception. Everywhere you turn there are audio/video presentations being used to promote, project, and proliferate.

Studio J is an ideal facility for companies looking for a low budget, high quality audio solution for marketing, and/or product training.
    Clients seem to appreciate the following:
  • Jordan understands the word "deadline".
  • Jordan has a background in drama and public speaking.
  • Jordan makes his living recording stuff and is actually quite good at it.
  • Jordan is easy to get along with and, although not very "business-y looking", he is definitely focused.
Live Sound Reinforcement
Planning a special event that requires audio/video support? No problem.

We have been providing technical support for meetings, seminars, (ceremonies, services, parties,concerts, festivals) since our inception. .. before that, in fact.

We provide support for functions from 10 people to 10000 people. We have experienced engineers on call who are not only talented behind the console, but are also hand-picked for their charming personalities. They provide excellent service and are guaranteed to be fun to talk to as well.

Installs - Commercial, Houses Of Worship
Since 1997, Jordan has been designing and installing sound systems with Bob Picard of Professional Audio Services for permanent installations in clubs, businesses, churches, synagogues, etc.

Our designs have 3 guiding principles:
  1. Excellent audio fidelity
  2. Ease of use
  3. Affordability
We understand that, in most cases, the people who use these systems are not audio engineers. Therefore, the system must have a friendly interface that facilitates all the client’s needs with as little "hassle" as possible.

On top of the great equipment, we go out of our way to make sure that everyone who will operate the system, understands it completely. Both Bob and Jordan are available for phone support and service plans are available.

Finally, we should note thatwe keep no equipment in stock. Each system is customized to the application. It keeps us honest.