Hi! Welcome to my website!

You may be wondering why it has this sort of East Asian flavour. I feel that Japanese art achieves a perfect balance between technology and humanity and represents visually what I try to achieve in the audio realm. I strive to pull the character of each artist out of them and capture it for listeners so that they feel that they have gotten closer to that personality.

Here you will find all the important stuff about Studio J and me - Jordan. The site has been setup so you can quickly access the information you need. To do so, just click on the heading that matches the description that best suits you. For example: If you are a singer, instrumentalist, actor, or a band looking to record a demo or an album - or a live show, for that matter - you will probably find what you are looking for under the “Artist” Heading.

On the other hand, if you are looking for audio support for your commercial needs, your best bet is to check out our “Corporate” section. There, you will find pertinent information regarding voiceover work, sound reinforcement for events, etc.


Things That Jordan Has Heard a Million Times.
(And Not Once Have They Been True)
    1. I’ll pay you when I’m famous.

    2. If I get an award, I will definitely thank you.

    3. I’ll take you with me.

    4. This will be good for all of us.

    5. You’re going to be famous!

    6. At least you are doing what you want to be doing!

    7. There’s this guy who is interested in what WE are working on.

    8. He will take it to this big record label if he can remix and remaster everything himself.

    9. There’s this guy who’s going to be starting this agency and he wants me to be his major focus.